2013 Family Leadership Conference

2013 New Mexico Family Leadership Conference

March 21-22, 2013

Buffalo Thunder Resort, Santa Fe

The 2013 Family Leadership Conference will merge the two statewide conferences that Parents Reaching Out (PRO) and the Education for Parents of Indian Children with Special Needs (EPICS) have hosted separately in the past few years. The conference will help families improve their advocacy skills so they can impact the systems that affect their children. There will be networking opportunities and a selection of workshop strands that will assist families and professionals.

The conference will provide learning opportunities for families to:

  1. Engage in leadership opportunities;
  2. Become stronger advocates so they can impact the systems that affect their children;
  3. Increase their knowledge about laws, regulations, policy, and best-practice to encourage increased parental involvement;
  4. Learn skills and strategies in communication, sharing stories, and record-keeping;
  5. Increase family-to-family networking;
  6. Create connections to local, state, and national resources;
  7. Create and/or maintain a strong partnership between families and professionals; and
  8. Maintain individual identity through culture, language, and family uniqueness so they become stronger advocates for their children, family, and community.

Sessions will be presented in English, Spanish, Navajo, and Keres.

For more information go to: http://parentsreachingout.org/flan/index.php

Download this file (FLAN.agenda.2013.pdf)FLAN.agenda.2013.pdf[Draft Agenda]280 kB
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