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Early Childhood in New Mexico: It's Everybody's Business

85% of the human brain develops in the first five years of life.

That's a fact that cannot be ignored. Fifty years ago, we did not know that 85% of the brain develops before the fifth year of life. But now we do. Thirty years ago we had no evidence that the care we provide for our youngest children would substantially influence their success, or failure, later in life. But now we do. Twenty years ago we did not know the economic burden that every New Mexico taxpayer would bear as a result of inadequate preparation of more than a third of New Mexico's pre-school age children. But now we do. The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership was established to spread that word, inform the public and urge legislators and leaders, in both public and private sectors to make a commitment to children of today and those in the years to come. For more information go to

Recently the Committee for Economic Development (CDE) completed a video called Early Childhood in New Mexico: It's Everybody's Business. To view this video on YouTube, go to:


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Contact Your Legislators & Governor's Office: Ask them to protect our youngest children and their families by holding early childhood programs harmless from state budget cuts.



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